Rep. Poulson Passes Bills that Help Utah Students and Teachers.


The 2016 legislative session is now history. Many positive things were accomplished, but we have much work to do.

I sponsored three bills: HB 200, HB 201, and HB254. I was able to successfully pass each of these. On Thursday, April 7, I joined the Governor and my senate sponsor Lincoln Fillmore in a special ceremonial bill signing celebrating the passage of HB 200 Student Assessment Modifications and HB 201 Student Testing Amendments.

HB 200 allows school districts the option to eliminate the SAGE testing in the 11th grade and allow students to concentrate on college readiness exams. This is an age when students are particularly test fatigued, uninterested in doing well when testing has no application on their grade.

HB 201 eliminates the use of year end assessment scores (SAGE) as a determiner for teacher evaluations. Because parents can opt their students out of the tests, and they cannot count on a grade, teachers have been held accountable in areas where they have no control. Hopefully this change will improve morale for educators and positively affect our current teacher shortage.

Both bills have received bipartisan support and much positive press. It was very satisfying to work on these issues.

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